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Letter from Our Executive Director

Friends, supporters, and those who are curious, 


In late 2019, I began dreaming of taking the research skills I honed in the private sector and applying them to social causes and issues of injustice. A night hike in the Sequoia Mountains that summer left me with a powerful impression of how moonlight can illuminate the darkest settings.


As the contours of life shifted dramatically — a global pandemic, an insurrection, marches across the country in protest of racial injustice — so too did the priorities in my own life. Moonlight Foundation transformed from a dream to a mission. As the world and our democracy felt darker, I wanted to build an organization that reflected light. 


My desire for Moonlight Foundation remains deceptively simple: create greater transparency and accountability for those dividing our democracy. 


It is a great privilege to launch Moonlight Foundation with my colleague Keith Ashdown, who began dreaming with me back in 2019. My sincere hope is Moonlight Foundation becomes a resource for truth, operates with compassion, creates a bit of good trouble, and remains committed to learning as an organization. 


I hope you join us. 


In hope, 


Karen Goll
Executive Director  

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