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Our Approach

Moonlight Foundation will use a combination of research, interviews, open records requests, and other fact-finding strategies to uncover the powerful forces using propaganda-like tactics to harm our democracy. We will publish these findings and disseminate the information to the media, Members of Congress, and other key outlets.

Here is how we choose our investigations:

  • Evidence that a group or individual is benefiting from misleading information

  • Belief that new information about a group or individual would provide a public benefit 

  • Benefit of greater transparency for groups or individuals swaying public opinion

  • Availability of previous unreported documents and/or whistleblower


The Freedom Fund

For these projects, we will focus on investigations that broaden or redefine freedom in a way that applies to all Americans regardless of race, community, economic class or sexual orientation. The word freedom defines the American democracy, but for too long these freedoms have only been applied to a narrow few in our society, exasperating fundamental inequalities in our society.

The Disinformation Initiative

We will fact check campaigns that sway public opinion and impede legislative reforms. In doing so, we will expose the people and money behind misinformation campaigns. The project will focus on holding elected officials and leading organizations accountable for spreading propaganda and tracking online advertisements of disinformation.

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