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Moonlight Foundation Report on Congressional Disbursements Featured in the Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic published an article featuring Moonlight Foundation’s research and analysis of the personal Congressional office budgets. The article highlighted, “Gosar also was the biggest spender in all of the House on travel expenses, topping the delegate from Guam's total of approximately $183,900.”

Karen Goll, executive director of Moonlight Foundation, was interviewed for the piece.

The Moonlight Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group, compiles and analyzes the hundreds of pages of public data for each quarter, and subsequently each year, to make it easier to compare each representative's financial outlays to those of his or her colleagues.

"Americans have the right to know how lawmakers spend taxpayer money, so we took a publicly disclosed congressional expenditure dataset and analyzed the information to find irregularities in the data," Karen Goll, executive director of Moonlight Foundation, told The Arizona Republic. "We wanted to know: Was anyone saying one thing publicly about managing public resources and acting in a different way privately?"

The entire article can be found here, though it is behind a paywall. Moonlight Foundation’s report can be found here.


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