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CNN: Paul Gosar spends most in House on taxpayer-funded travel even as he rails against 'bloated' go

Moonlight Foundation’s research and analysis was featured in a CNN investigation conducted by chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju, who dug into Representative Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ) taxpayer-funded travel.

"A review conducted by the nonpartisan watchdog Moonlight Foundation of the self-described fiscal conservative's spending shows he has spent more taxpayer dollars on travel than any other member of the House over the past five years -- an unusual amount of money spent by a rank-and-file member who has served in the minority for part of that time and has built a scant record of legislative accomplishments.”

"No one has spent more taxpayer money on travel in the last five years than Representative Paul Gosar," said Karen Goll, executive director of the Moonlight Foundation. "After he won his second congressional race, his office's travel budget started to skyrocket with budget-busting charges on lodging, car rentals, and transportation.”

CNN’s reporting highlights the need for greater transparency in Congressional disbursement disclosures. Moonlight Foundation believes new legislation should be brought forth to increase the relevant details disclosed to the public to help keep Congressional members accountable to their constituents.

Read the entire article here.


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